About Us


Everyone has a story. Here is ours.

The Begining (2017)

IGH, a crypto community, emerged in 2017 amidst the ICO frenzy. Its purpose was to unite web3 enthusiasts, fostering discussion and sharing alerts about promising projects.

IGH Solutions (2019)

In 2019, IGH evolved to provide blockchain solutions and services to emerging web3 projects. They assisted in developing dapps, refining tokenomics, and creating smart contracts, bolstering the growth of these ventures.

IGH Trades (2020)

In 2020, IGH expanded its offerings by introducing premium trading signal, daily, reports and on-chain analysis services, aimed at assisting the community in generating profits through informed trading decisions.

IGHGroup.io (2021)

In 2021, IGH ventured into data-driven web3 marketing and promotional services, offering a fresh avenue for supporting and promoting web3 projects through strategic insights and analytics.

IGH Calendar (2022)

In 2022, IGH Group launched a new venture, icogemhunters.com, dedicated to providing a comprehensive calendar for upcoming ICO, IDO, and IEO dates, further enriching the crypto community’s resources.

IGH AUM & Incubation (2022)

In mid 2022, IGH Group began incubating web3 projects with the support of private investors and took on the role of managing private investors’ portfolios, fostering innovation and investment in the web3 space.

Cryptews.com (2023)

In early 2023, IGH expanded its services by launching Cryptews, a news aggregator and media hub aimed at delivering rapid crypto market insights and updates to traders and the community.

IGH Capital (2023)

In mid-2023, IGH introduced IGH Capital, a web3-based investment DAO designed to manage the portfolios and digital assets of private investors and the community in a decentralized manner, addressing transparency and accessibility issues seen in conventional private equity and investment firms.

Why US

IGH stands as your comprehensive web3 partner. With an extensive track record and an in-depth understanding of the web3 ecosystem, we’ve worked closely with numerous projects in the space, mastering the ins and outs. Our expertise and experience ensure you have a trusted ally on your journey through the web3 landscape, making us the go-to choice for success in this dynamic arena.

Our Core Values

Our culture is shaped by four distinctive attributes that set us apart from the competition.


We possess a deep understanding of the web3 space, backed by a track record of success and experience working with numerous projects.


We consistently pioneer new services and solutions, staying at the forefront of the evolving web3 landscape.


We prioritize transparency and accessibility, addressing the current limitations in private equity and investments, ensuring you have a clear view of your assets.


We're deeply rooted in the web3 community, always putting the interests and needs of our community and investors first.

A team forged through experience.

Our collective knowledge and proven track record in the web3 arena form the cornerstone of our success. With each challenge we’ve tackled, we’ve gained invaluable insights, enabling us to guide you effectively and make informed decisions in this dynamic landscape.


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