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Protect your investments from scams and frauds with our meticulous due diligence process. No need to worry about In-Depth Research, On-Chain Analysis, Technical Analysis, or Project Analysis – We’ve got you covered.

Innovative Technology

We leverage blockchain technology & DAO governance to create transparency, security, and decentralize investing. Our platform operates on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to provide versatility and accessibility for users.

Industry Expertise

We boast a team with deep industry expertise in the blockchain, crypto, and private equity sectors.Our professionals have extensive experience and a profound understanding of the complexities of web3 & decentralizartion.


Our solutions are scalable and can grow with your assets, ensuring that you get the most value out of your investment. our architecture is designed to scale efficiently, accommodating the growing user base and expanding investment opportunities.



Protection from Scams

IGH Capital is committed to safeguarding investors from the many scams and fraudulent schemes that are prevalent in the cryptocurrency space. The due diligence process and transparency offered by the platform serve as protective measures.


Unlike traditional investment firm, blockchain technology underpins our platform, ensuring that all investment transactions are recorded on a public ledger. This transparency provides investors with a clear view of their holdings and the performance of their investments.

Cyber Security

Our experts implements cold wallets to secure your assets and multi sig wallet to verify the transaction including identification of vulnerabilities, assess risks. IGH also implements robust security measures to safeguard your investment.

RWA Tokenization

Seamlessly Create and Launch ERC20 or BEP20 Compliant Tokens to Effortlessly Tokenize Real World Assets (RWAs), All with Exceptional Speed and Efficiency.

IGH Launchpad

IGH Launchpad revolutionizes token fundraising and liquidity access through decentralized solutions, making it easier for users to secure capital and maintain liquidity for their tokens.

IGH Token Factory

Leveraging AI technology, IGH Token Factory conducts real-time audits on tokens created through the platform, instilling confidence in users by providing branded audit reports that enhance token trustworthiness.


IGH Capital sets a relatively low investment threshold, allowing individuals to participate with a minimal amount of capital. This approach ensures that a broader range of investors can access the private equity opportunities provided by the platform.

DAO Community Involvement

The decentralized governance model encourages community participation and decision-making. Token holders have a voice in shaping the platform, promoting inclusivity and giving investors a stake in the direction of IGH Capital.

Liquidity and Staking

Investors can enjoy liquidity by trading IGH tokens on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, the platform provides staking opportunities with competitive APYs, allowing investors to earn passive income on their holdings.
Capital Deployment?

We invest in following disruptive technology

DEFI - Decentralize Finance
AI & Big Data
L1 & L2 Solutions
Tokenized Assets

Roadmap to Web3 Investment Success.

We view this roadmap as the ladder to success, guiding toward financial prosperity and security in the ever-evolving world of digital economy.

IGH Roadmap
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