How we create our Empire

Our roadmap is meticulously crafted, outlining key milestones and goals. We blend design, development, and testing, adapting as needed for a successful journey.

Phase 1: Foundation and Preparation
Q1 2023: Concept Development and Research

Q2 2023: Team Formation

Q3 2023: Whitepaper Creation and Token Design

Q4 2023: Private Sale Preparation and Platform Development

Phase 2: Launch and Initial Investments
Q1 2024: Private Sale Launch and Token Distribution

Q2 2024: Listing on Major Exchanges

Q3 2024: Launch of Staking Platforms (Regular APY and Profit Sharing APY)

Q4 2024: Initial Investments in Selected Blockchain Projects
Phase 3: Expansion and Growth
Q1 2025: Portfolio Diversification: Investments in Layer 2, Defi, AI & Big Data, and Metaverse Projects

Q2 2025: Launch of Educational Resources and Community Engagement Initiatives

Q3 2025: Introduction of Yield Farming and Additional DeFi Products

Q4 2025: Expansion of Team and Strategic Partnerships
Phase 4: Scaling and Beyond
Q1 2026: Integration of Governance Mechanisms and Decision-Making Processes

Q2 2026: Launch of IGH Capital Research and Analysis Hub

Q3 2026: Exploration of Cross-Chain Compatibility and Interoperability

Q4 2026: Continued Investments, Innovations, and Global Expansion
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The IGH Capital Roadmap outlines our project’s journey, milestones, and key activities from its inception to future expansion. It provides a clear overview of our development, investment strategies, and growth plans.

Phase 1 includes essential steps such as concept development, team formation, creating our whitepaper, designing our native token, and preparing for the private sale. These milestones set the foundation for our project.

Phase 2 marks the launch of our private sale, listing on major exchanges, introduction of staking platforms, and initial investments in promising blockchain projects. It’s a critical phase for building our user base and portfolio.

Phase 3 focuses on expanding our portfolio across Layer 2, Defi, AI & Big Data, and the Metaverse. We’ll also enhance community engagement, introduce yield farming, and explore additional DeFi products.

In Phase 4, we aim to scale our operations, introduce governance mechanisms, launch a research hub, explore cross-chain compatibility, and continue investing, innovating, and expanding globally.

The roadmap will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect our progress and evolving goals. We’re committed to transparency and will communicate any changes to our community.

You can stay updated by following our official channels, including our website, social media platforms, and community forums. We encourage you to engage with us and ask questions

Yes, the roadmap is subject to change based on various factors, including market conditions, technological advancements, and community feedback. Any changes will be communicated clearly to our stakeholders.

The roadmap guides us in achieving our mission of becoming a leading blockchain-based private equity firm. It ensures a strategic approach to investments, growth, and innovation while delivering value to our investors and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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