How it works

Token, Portfolio, Returns

Invest in IGH for a single token, unlock a diverse portfolio of promising blockchain projects, and enjoy amplified returns.

3 Simple Steps to Unleash

Single Token, Multiple Portfolio

By investing in our native token IGH, you’re directly gaining entry into a world of diversified blockchain opportunities. For Investors we offer a 6 Investment Plans, where we pool your investment with others to back multiple promising projects. When these ventures yield returns, we share the rewards with you and token holders, magnifying your profits. With IGH, you hold a single token that grants you access to a multifaceted portfolio, unlocking potential like never before.

Stake IGH Token

Securely lock your IGH tokens into our automated smart contract, harnessing the potential of staking for passive income.

Earn Yield

Sit back and watch your investment flourish as you earn attractive yields through our innovative staking mechanism.

Our Strategy

Where Do We Invest?

We focus our investments on a diverse range of high-potential sectors, including blockchain projects, AI & Big Data initiatives, the Metaverse, and DeFi platforms. Additionally, we actively incubate the most promising new startups that align with these cutting-edge fields. This strategic approach allows us to tap into innovative and rapidly evolving markets, maximizing opportunities for substantial returns for our investors

Our Achievements

Proven Past Portfolio

These investments have yielded impressive returns, showcasing our expertise in identifying and nurturing projects with significant growth potential.